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Our system is built around an ‘every project is unique’ approach, supported by our vast network of agents, presented to our curated list of qualified prospects and backed by our exclusive inventory marketing initiatives.

By leveraging our knowledge and insight of current market conditions and projections against inventory control, we are able to achieve premium pricing for the projects we manage, and in turn maximize your return on investment.

Our Harlowe rental and assignment program provides a strategic edge for developers and purchasers.

Reach out today to learn how you can leverage this program to your advantage.


Harlowe Real Estate Brokerage has amassed over $1 Billion worth of assignments and leases of condominiums in the Greater Toronto Area. Our proven experience in the sales and marketing of residential high rise developments is matched by our passion and commitment to our clients.

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Mariana Milborne


Mariana has a high attention to detail that is second to none. She operates with a “get it done now” mentality. Her hands-on approach is accompanied by a strong work ethic and a tremendous insight into how to immediately build consensus and resolve issues. She holds a Masters Degree in Economics.

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Tawnya Del Ben Fletcher

Sales Manager/Broker

Tawnya started her career in Real Estate after completing an MBA in Hospitality Operations and Marketing. She worked alongside her family for several years in managing a boutique hotel in Niagara on the Lake.

Growing up in a family business of residential/commercial development and construction, her passion in real estate was evident from a young age. Her shift to the industry coupled with her background experiences brought a strategic yet personable approach to her profession.

Integrity, dedication and determination are philosophies that Tawnya strives for in all aspects of her life. Applying these principles along with her commitment to her clients and offering superior levels of service, innovative marketing and attention to detail has brought professionalism and leadership to her business.

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Harlowe is a one stop solution for developers to execute assignment and leasing programs during the interim occupancy.

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Tawnya Del Ben Fletcher

Sales Manager/Broker

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Asif Chasmawala


With his fastest-growing customer base in the last three years, Asif’s unique personal skills, genuine service, and dedication made him a great asset to his clients.

As a top-performing agent, he holds no limit in his quest to find the best deal. Clients immensely appreciate his detailed and informative consultancy and their success is his number one priority. Asif has extensive knowledge and experience in Condominium Resale, Assignments, and Leasing.

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Lindsay LeDrew


Born and bred in Toronto, Lindsay has always had her finger on the pulse of the city, especially neighbourhoods in transition. Her early career in marketing and publicity has further fueled this natural intuition and helped build her focus in customer relations.

Working with builders, developers, marketing teams, designers and clients has given Lindsay a versatile skillset and knowledge into every stage of real estate sales and construction.

Over the past several years, Lindsay has specialized in luxury condominium sales for some of southern Ontario’s premier companies, including Dundee Realty, Pemberton, Phantom and Sorbara Developments.

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Rose Nguyen


With unwavering dedication to the real estate craft, Rose ignites passion and fosters genuine care within her team and projects. Her seasoned leadership, honed through successful ventures in the pre-construction market, sets a high standard for excellence.

Through personalized attention and a commitment to effective communication, Rose ensures every endeavour surpasses expectations. Working with Rose isn't just about transactions—it's about embarking on a journey of growth, collaboration, and success.

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Rubina Dhami


Combining her Western Vancouver charm and Eastern Torontonian tenacity, Rubina strives to ensure exceptional service while putting her client’s best interests above all.

Starting her career in Law and spearheading sales at her parent’s travel agency, Rubina quickly established a foundation in negotiations and contracts. Her devoted passion for sales led to Real Estate.

Achieving the best outcome in every transaction while making it an exciting, easy and stress-free process is her strategy. With a degree in Psychology, Rubina lives by her motto: “Client happiness is my number one priority.”

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Khubaib Ghadai


To Khubaib, nothing is more important than client relationships. He upholds the principles of integrity and determination in every facet of his life.

His commitment to these principles and knowledge of the market is the benchmark of his success. He is dedicated to providing his clients with a seamless and rewarding experience, ensuring that every transaction is a step towards realizing their dreams and aspirations.

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Henrick Bal


Following a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at the University of British Columbia, Henrick earned a sales manager position in Capital markets at one of Canada’s Top Financial Institutions. After establishing strong client relationships, Henrick joined Harlowe Real Estate Brokerage.

His expertise in sales, contracts and relationship management has resulted in exceptional client experience in all types of Real Estate transactions. Henrick’s mentality of putting the client’s best interest first, continues to generate the best outcome for all parties involved.

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Molly Wu


Rooting from the customer service industry, Molly demonstrates a detail-oriented work style and offers highly personalized services. Her profound listening skills and responsive problem-solving abilities are the keys to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Based on her knowledge and on-site experience in real estate, her clients can reach their goals quickly with no further concerns. Molly’s passion and dedication to the industry provide all her clients with a smooth and worry-free journey in each buying, selling, or leasing transaction.

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Karla Duka


Throughout her real estate career, Karla has demonstrated a remarkable ability to achieve sales targets and foster enduring partnerships consistently.

Drawing from years of experience in the dynamic hospitality industry, she has honed her expertise and developed an acute sense of customer service and a talent for surpassing client expectations.

Committed to cultivating new relationships and nurturing existing ones, Karla is poised to make a lasting impact wherever she goes.

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Victoria Buenafe


Victoria’s unique background in both Real Estate and a Bachelor of Health Science demonstrates her diverse skill set and dedication to her professional growth. Over her 8 years of experience in the real estate industry, she has successfully cultivated strong relationships with clients, showcasing her commitment to providing exceptional service.

Her specialization in residential resale, leasing, assignments, and pre-construction further highlights her versatility within the real estate market. This diverse expertise allows her to cater to various client needs, whether they are looking to buy, sell, lease, or invest in real estate.

Victoria's customer service experience spans over 15 years, indicating a long-standing commitment to ensuring client satisfaction. Placing her clients' best interests above all reflects her ethical approach to real estate transactions.

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Nava Subramaniyan


A decade of experience with customers as a Nurse for the Scarborough Health Network built strong traits in negotiation, honesty, trustworthiness, and accountability.

Nava’s ongoing relationship with educating his clients leaves each transaction on a positive note. Specializing in residential resale, commercial, leasing, assignments, and pre-construction, his love for helping clients find their dream home and getting top dollar proves his quality of service and, more importantly, his pride in their success.

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Chavelle Hui


Chavelle, a dynamic real estate professional, seamlessly integrates legal expertise with a passion for the vibrant market. Transitioning from a legal assistant role at a prestigious firm, she injects the industry with fresh perspectives.

Collaborating with builders, developers, and marketing teams, Chavelle gains hands-on experience in property development and market strategies. This dual exposure uniquely positions her to guide clients through real estate complexities, offering a distinctive blend of legal insight and market-savvy approaches.

Known for dedication, adaptability, and a client-focused ethos, Chavelle is your proactive partner in navigating real estate dynamics, committed to realizing your property aspirations.

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Omayra Samem

Sales Representative

With seven years of experience in real estate, Omayra is driven by a true passion for the industry. She has a solid understanding of both resale and pre-construction sales, offering clients a comprehensive perspective.

Omayra's approach is marked by attention to detail and a strategic mindset, ensuring that each client receives personalized guidance tailored to their needs. Her commitment to integrity guarantees that every transaction is handled with professionalism and care, establishing her as a trusted partner in the world of real estate.

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Being able to work with Henrick was an amazing experience! He provided me with the exact details and advice to build an eye-catching listing and people were interested right away. I was glad to have found him as my listing agent. Thanks a lot!

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Jianping F.

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There is always a clear line of communication, staff response to every phone call, text and email almost immediately, which is rare nowadays. I could not have had a better experience and would definitely recommend Harlowe to anyone selling, buying or leasing a home.

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Fuad Abasov Real Estate

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